October 2015 - M.U.S. International launches the Boreasa brand

MUS International is excited to announce that we are rebranding our fans, blowers and related drivers.

These items will be advertised and sold under the name Boreasa. The name comes from the name of one of the gods of ancient Greece: the god of wind Boreas.


The design and manufacturing of our product will remain the same, with the manufacturing performed in our "state of the art" plant that we inaugurated recently in Tianjin while the design is split between California (fans and blowers) and China (drivers).

The transition should be transparent to our customers, except for the drivers which will be renamed from MUS50/5/4Q... to D50/5/4Q...

Representation in the Americas and Europe is still assured by Fisaga Technologies LLC.

July 2015 - M.U.S. International teams with leading motor manufacturer to produce C65P1

M.U.S. International teamed with a leading motor manufacturer in the medical field to create the C65P1. This blower despite its small size and weight can reach impressive performances.

The C65P1 adds another gem to our popular C65 series emphasizing high performance. Dimensions: 65.4 x 63 x 65 mm.

This blower can achieve the impressive Pressure of 8900 Pa and can produce 290 lpm @ 7000 Pa.

June 2014 - M.U.S. International announces the release of a new family of blowers

This new family of blowers, designed for the industry, is capable of high flow and medium pressure.

C95L1 blower

The C95L1 is available in 12V and 24V versions and with or without internal drivers. Dimensions: 88 x 95 x 75 mm

The performances are in the range of 600 lpm max flow and 1200 Pa max pressure.

C95M1 blower

The C95M1 is available in 12V and 24V versions and with or without internal drivers. Dimensions: 88 x 95 x47 mm

The performances are in the range of 750 lpm max flow and 2800 Pa max pressure.

C95H1 blower

A C95H1 will be available soon with flow higher than 1200 lpm and pressure up to 6750 Pa.

Ask us for an update on the C95H1

February 2014 - M.U.S. International was awarded ISO 9001:2008 certification

MUS International announce the ISO 9001 certification of its operation in Tianjin.

October 2013 - M.U.S. International has a new home

M.U.S. International is moving in its new plant located in a high tech campus near Tianjin.

1000 m2 of production and 400 m2 of engineering and administrative buildings are available for the assembly of the blowers, drivers and other OEM equipment.

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