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CCTV report: Vice Premier Zhang Guoqing visits Boreasa
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CCTV report: Vice Premier Zhang Guoqing visits Boreasa

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On July 25th, 2023, Boreasa was honored by a visit from the Vice Premier of China Zhang Guoqing to acknowledge and congratulate Boreasa's outstanding contributions made in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The Vice Premier highly praised the contributions made by Boreasa during the pandemic.


The Vice Premier and his delegation visited the company's exhibition hall and production workshop, where they gained a detailed understanding of the company's development history.

During the visit of the workshop, they observed the production process and gave full recognition to Boreasa for achievements in breakthrough technology, management and delivery times, and achievement in localization of key components.


We are deeply honored for Vice Premier Zhang's visit, which crowns an accomplishment by the whole team. This is not only a recognition of the work done by Boreasa, but also an encouragement to our team, which has strengthened our confidence.

Hangzhou Boreasa Technologies Co., Ltd. is an example of a young, specialized enterprise in Zhejiang Province, China. Boreasa is committed to the research and production of high-precision electromechanical components and is the only enterprise in Asia with the capabilities to produce high performance quality blowers, the core component of medical ventilators. Boreasa has continuously overcome the bottlenecks of core components in semiconductor equipment, surgical instruments, and other fields. Boreasa has been deeply involved in high-precision manufacturing for more than ten years, and its achievements have been recognized by leaders at all levels in industry.




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