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The 2024 Hangzhou Unicorn (Quasi-Unicorn) Company List Was Released, and Boreasa made the List for the Third Consecutive Year!
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The 2024 Hangzhou Unicorn (Quasi-Unicorn) Company List Was Released, and Boreasa made the List for the Third Consecutive Year!

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Recently, the highly anticipated "2024 Hangzhou Unicorn (Quasi-Unicorn) Company List" was officially released at the 8th All Blossom Conference. Boreasa Technologies Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Boreasa") was on the Quasi-Unicorn company List for its excellent innovation strength and market performance! It is worth mentioning that as a national-level specialized special-new key "little giant" enterprise, Boreasa has been selected into the Quasi-Unicorn Company List (Advanced Manufacturing Field) for three consecutive years!



Since its conception, Boreasa has specialized in the research, development and production of miniature high-performance blowers, fans, motors and drivers. Boreasa is committed to designing and producing high-performance, high-reliability and high-precision products. Boreasa's miniature high-performance blowers play a key role in the field of medical devices and are widely used in many medical applications, such as medical ventilators (home and transport), home care ventilators, medical warming blankets, positive pressure protective clothing, animal anesthesia machines and oxygen therapy instruments. Among them, the market share of Boreasa's blowers for medical ventilators has reached up to 90%, thus providing stable and efficient respiratory support for countless patients.

Determined to combine originality with science, technology, and high quality, Boreasa has always adhered to independent research and development from within. Beginning with product design all the way to production, Boreasa ensures every type of product reaches the highest standards.


The stability and safety of the blowers for medical ventilators are directly associated with the life of patients. Thus, in the process of research & development and production, Boreasa's staff have always respected and pursued technologies to ensure that every type of blower reaches the most stringent medical standards. In terms of Boreasa's medical blowers, the rotating speed reaches up to 60,000 rpm, the service life reaches more than 30,000 hours, and the performance far exceeds that of the similar products at home and abroad.


In the field of home care ventilators, Boreasa has also shown great strength. After in-depth optimization for home scenarios, the newly developed C68SS1 series ultra-silent blower was designed with quadruple noise reduction technology. The innovative design allows the noise of the bare blower to be as low as 40.5 (dB)A, and as low as 22 (dB)A with the installed blower. This is 30% lower than that of similar products, successfully resetting the industry mute standard!

Boreasa has not only achieved outstanding results in the field of medical and home care ventilators, but also actively expanded the blower market to other industrial applications by constantly improving and enriching the product line. Furthermore, at the demand of customers, Boreasa also became present in aerospace, industrial heat dissipation, semiconductor manufacturing equipment and other industry segments. To this end, Boreasa has successfully launched various products such as the axial fan, vane-axial fan, EC dual centrifugal fan and corrosion-resistant blower, all of which have longer service life and higher stability than similar foreign products and are highly recognized by customers. So far, Boreasa has established strategic cooperation with many enterprises in China and abroad in medical devices, aerospace, industrial heat dissipation, semiconductor manufacturing equipment and other fields.

Boreasa will continue to prioritize quality and technological innovation as its' core driving force in breakthroughs in the field of miniature high-performance blowers, fans, motors, and drivers.




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