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“Life-Saving” Ventilator: Boreasa Won a 60 Million Yuan Overseas Order in the Context of Global Pandemic - PURE Fund
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“Life-Saving” Ventilator: Boreasa Won a 60 Million Yuan Overseas Order in the Context of Global Pandemic - PURE Fund

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With the spread of the epidemic overseas, the PURE Fund family member Boreasa has won a large number of domestic and foreign orders, and is expected to prepare for an IPO on the Sci-Tech Innovation Board in the near future.


There has always been a shortcoming in domestic ventilator industry, the production of the core part of emergency ventilators –miniature high-performance blower – is highly dependent on European suppliers. With the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, ventilator manufacturers were unable to procure blowers in a timely manner due to the lack of core components. As the only company in Asia that is capable of producing blowers of such level of performance, Boreasa has played an active role in replacing imports and helping localization.


Boreasa and Shenzhen MindRay Medical, Beijing Aeonmed, Hunan Micomme and other ventilator manufacturers started close cooperations at the beginning of the outbreak to fill the production gap in time and ensure the supply of ventilator products. As of March 24, Boreasa’s domestic orders have exceeded 50 million Yuan, and the annual target of guaranteeing 20 million and striving for 3 million has been completed ahead of schedule.


Since 2014, VENTEC of the United States has cooperated with Boreasa, which was in the project incubation stage then. The company’s five-in-one breathing device (breathing, oxygen generation, sputum suction, coughing and atomization) is an innovative product of global respiratory device. In response to the epidemic in the United States, General Motors of the United States joined hands with VENTEC to produce the five-in-one ventilator. At the same time that VENTEC and General Motors reached a cooperation agreement, Boreasa, as the only global supplier of its miniature blowers, successfully won an order of approximately 60 million yuan.


Recently, the State Council issued a notice on further improving the production of invasive ventilator supporting enterprises and promoting production and supply, and Boreasa was on the list!


As an angel investor in the ventilator component supplier Boreasa, PURE Fund actively provides Boreasa with post-investment support services such as capital operation, technology research and development, strategic planning, human resources, operation management, marketing, and resource network. The invested company is empowered and grows healthily with the help; beneficial products and services are brought to the society, and the capital market value is ultimately realized.


In the future, Boreasa will build a business map with micro-high-performance turbo blower, micro-high-speed blower, and micro-servo motor drive as the three core business segments, and micro-precision manufacturing as its genes to compete with established European and American giants in the international market.




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