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M.U.S. International launches the Boreasa brand
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M.U.S. International launches the Boreasa brand

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MUS International is excited to announce that we are rebranding our fans, blowers and related drivers.

These items will be advertised and sold under the name Boreasa. The name comes from the name of one of the gods of ancient Greece: the god of wind Boreas.

The design and manufacturing of our product will remain the same, with the manufacturing performed in our "state of the art" plant that we inaugurated recently in Tianjin while the design is split between California (fans and blowers) and China (drivers).

The transition should be transparent to our customers, except for the drivers which will be renamed from MUS50/5/4Q... to D50/5/4Q...

Representation in the Americas and Europe is still assured by Fisaga Technologies LLC.




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