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MD&M West in Anaheim California USA
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MD&M West in Anaheim California USA

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Boreasa participated in the MD&M West show in Anaheim, on August 10 to 12. This was the first tradeshow in this industry and in the US since the start of the pandemic and was somewhat smaller than previous years due to many foreign companies not being able to come. Despite this, the booth was at time very busy, and we had a successful show.


We introduced 5 new products to the American market:

-   The C54I2 semi-inline 2 stages blower designed for very low noise at normal working point but capable of high performances,

-      The C60S1 blower also designed for low noise,

-      The C65T1 blower designed for lower cost and thinner than most models,

-      The D30/5/1Q-E1 and D30/5/4Q-E1 drivers to propose our outstanding drivers in a standalone package,


We also showed preproduction samples of 2 new blowers:

-      The C55M1 blower designed for low space and low flow,

-      The C85MS1 blower for high power applications.


Finally, we also demonstrated our "Star of the Covid19 fight" C65MS1-L5 in action making a simulated lung breathe. It even made the simulated lung explode due to an overzealous operator!!!





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