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Boreasa Shined at the CMEF Medical Device Exhibition, Debuting a New Ultra-Silent Blower!
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Boreasa Shined at the CMEF Medical Device Exhibition, Debuting a New Ultra-Silent Blower!

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On April 14, 2024, the four-day 89th “China International Medical Equipment Fair” (CMEF) was successfully concluded! As the highlight of the medical device industry, this annual exhibition attracts global attention, gathering many industry elites and cutting-edge technologies. As an industry-leading innovator, Boreasa attended this event to show our outstanding achievements and innovative strengths in the field of blowers for medical devices.


During the exhibition, Boreasa showcased a variety of miniature high-performance blowers, fans, motors, and drivers, highlighting our innovative achievements in the field of medical devices to the global target population. These products are characterized by high efficiency, stability, and reliability, providing more accurate and convenient support for the application of medical devices.

Among them, the C68SS1 series ultra-quiet blower, a new product launched by Boreasa for home ventilator applications, was undoubtedly the highlight of this exhibition, attracting many attendees with its unique design and excellent performance.


In the field of home ventilators, noise control has always been one of the important indicators for evaluating the quality of the product. For consumers pursuing a comfortable home environment, a low-noise home ventilator could undoubtedly provide a greater user experience. After analyzing the market demand and in depth  R&D, Boreasa launched the state of the art C68SS1 ultra-quiet blower series.

The breakthroughs in the engineering design of the C68SS1 blower series has significantly reduced the noise level, with advanced noise reduction technology, optimized structural design and a precise manufacturing process. The advancements in this design effectively reduce the operating noise of the blower to as low as 40.5 dBA, 3-6 dBA lower than similar products on the market, creating a new standard in the home care industry!



Boreasa's products attracted attention from industry experts and scholars, which led to discussions during which the latest news and development trends of the medical device industry were shared. Future development direction and opportunities were also discussed.


During this exhibition, Boreasa not only showed its own strengths and innovative achievements, but also gained market information and collaborative opportunities. Boreasa will continue to uphold the philosophy of “innovation, quality and service”, constantly developing high-quality products and contributions to the development of the global medical industry.




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