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Reports on Boreasa by the Chinese National-level Media
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Reports on Boreasa by the Chinese National-level Media

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Recently, CCTV Economic News Column has reported on Boreasa. As a specialized "little giant" enterprise, Boreasa has been honored to receive the attention of CCTV and to participate in this interview.

Boreasa has focused on miniature high-performance blowers, fans, and motor manufacturing for years. The Founders of Boreasa include the top international experts in the field of fluid mechanics and the senior experts in the fields of motor, machinery, electronics, and industrial automation. As the only manufacturer in Asia that can be engaged in volume production of the core components of medical ventilators, the blowers, Boreasa actively responded to the surge in demand for medical ventilators in the domestic market at the end of 2022. With very little lead-time, Boreasa began working around the clock, expanding production to deliver 150,000+ blowers within a two months period!



Previously, in 2020, Boreasa entered the international global supply chain of ventilators working with the GM/Ventec team in the US and many other teams internationally. Boreasa also became a key supporting unit of the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in the fight against COVID-19. In response to this challenge, Boreasa assisted in the development of high-end medical devices together with many domestic first-line medical ventilator production enterprises.


In the global industrial chain of medical ventilators, Boreasa has occupied a prominent position with a market share of 95% in China and 50% worldwide. Boreasa's products have supplied more than 20 countries and regions worldwide.


While being deeply engaged with the medical device industry, we have also been actively exploring other field applications. Currently, we have signed the cooperation intentions with multiple leaders in the semiconductor industry in China and have been continuing to promote Boreasa entering industries such as robot, aerospace, and industrial cooling.

In the future, Boreasa will continue to focus on the field of high-end precision manufacturing and become a hidden champion in the miniature high-performance motors industry.




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