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Third place winner of China's Quasi-Unicorn Company in 2023
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Third place winner of China's Quasi-Unicorn Company in 2023

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Recently, China released the List of the "Top 100 Chinese Quasi-Unicorn Company's in 2023". Boreasa was honored to have been awarded third place.


In 2013, the venture capitalist Aileen Lee added the special title "Unicorn Company" to the unlisted startups with an estimated value of 1,000,000,000 USD or more. The recognition of unicorn companies represents unusual superiority, infinite creativity, and subversive expectations.

Boreasa is the only enterprise in Asia that can produce blowers for intensive care ventilators and has focused on research, development and production of miniature high-performance blowers and motors. In terms of technical level, product sales and comprehensive level, Boreasa has been at the international leading level becoming the hidden champion in the field of miniature high-performance blowers and motors.

Boreasa 'Products and performance have also been recognized by investors. It completed two rounds of financing worth hundreds of millions RMB. Concurrently having the characteristics of entrepreneurs and scientists, Boreasa's team has formed an extremely high technological and procedural level after years of research and development. At present, Boreasa has established three major research and development centers in China, Switzerland, and the US. Boreasa's products are utilized in the markets of North America, Europe, South America, and the Asian Pacific region.

Boreasa's ranking of Top 3 on this list is a major reflection of its products and technology, while also placing expectations for Boreasa to break through from the high-end precision manufacturing track and continue to strive to become a leader in the industry.




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